Since reading about the impending downfall of street wear, it has made us think. Things are changing and they always will, when it comes to trends, tastes and what’s hot. Supply and demand is the formula at the core of this, which is no more complicated than it needs to be. So does the question need to be; is there too much street wear out there? It’s definitely out there.

When streetwear & sneakers had it’s last shift away from popularity was around 2008/09, give or take. For example, the shift went from runners into Vans into boat shoes into Pointer with their sneaker-shoe hybrid looks. Bigup Gareth Skewis & Greg Finch pre- Palace & LAB days for really making that brand relevant, prominent and moving the needle.

Size? stores had walls full of smart casual footwear section and brands like Adi were making chukka style ZX boatshoes to get in on the action. Sounds mad, go have a little search. Puma re issued their 70s OG OG dad shoe ‘Puma Bonanza’ and Clarks, Sperry and Keds were having it away. Such different times for the premium sneaker retailer. But it really did reflect the times.

Things have escalated over the last ten years so much that streetwear is now being coined a billion dollar business after 2017s valuation of Supreme. Streetwear now has a 30+ year history, if you count it back from when Stussy started.

Each time it goes away a little, it will always come back. So is there too much out there at the minute? When is too much enough? The trend is changing now already. There is currently a huge resurgence of utilitarian wear but not like the last time where it was all OG americana and big beards, we hope. But now, more contemporary utility wear and references, the uniforms of today from the public sector.

Proportions are still oversized on footwear and clothing, which makes for an easy transition from trackie bottoms into cargo pants without having to change your footwear choice. This shift will naturally have an effect of footwear. We already have contemporary iterations of Nike ACG and its recent Utility series and applications across various products. Maybe this is the trickle down from the ACG re-launch a few years ago? OR, tech wear evolved, switching from performance based product for athletes to practical wear for workers. At least the continuation of the design cycle should revolve around function, residing to its true purpose.

The way it went last time was more formal, a bit smarter which is happening as we speak. There’s always a generation coming through who want to rebel against what is popular, has streetwear got that popular it is no longer the rebel?

There’s only one thing for all of this, just have your own style. If you are a ride or die, then you’ll be with street wear through thick and thin-amazing! If your on the bandwagon, then we guess your confused right now. If you have your own style, you will see this and know what makes you, you.

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