Tru Method – Studio 77 12″


+ Strictly underground business

+ Limited to 100 copies worldwide

+ No Repress

+ Because it’s trax!

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Studio 77
Studio 77

Prepare to embark on a sonic journey like never before as Trax Couture, the trailblazing genre-bending record label, unveils its latest vinyl gem—the first in many years! Brace yourselves for a sweated out experience from Welsh producer Tru Method, with a two-tracker that’s set to define your dancefloor encounters.

In a world saturated with predictability, Trax Couture continues to break the mold, daring to explore uncharted musical territories. The highly anticipated release boasts a scanty run of only 100 copies, ensuring that each fortunate owner becomes part of an exclusive adventure.

The star of the show is none other than the lead track, “Music.” Brace yourself for a mind-bending experience as this trippy, breaks-infused dub-techno warper weaves its spell over your senses. It’s not just music; it’s a voyage into unexplored dimensions, where beats and breaks collide in a cosmic dance.

But that’s not all. Enter the realm of euphoria with the second track, “Studio 77.” A classic in the making, this euphoric breaks-driven hitter is designed to lift your spirits and transport you to a realm where every beat is a celebration. It’s not just a track; it’s a euphoric escape, a sonic sanctuary.

Trax Couture’s commitment to pushing boundaries is encapsulated in this unique release, signaling a return to the vinyl scene with a bang. The limited edition ensures that these musical treasures are as rare as they are extraordinary.

With only 100 copies available, each sleeve is hand painted and comes with unique insert in true TC style.

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